Finally - Classify your whole Enterprise - Over and Over Again

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With Classidocs your structured & unstructured data gets classified, and re-classified!

Full Enterprise (re)Classification – It is here!

What if you could rely on a platform that users would not be frustrated with?
What if it was was designed with them in mind, didn’t require upfront training
and actually got through the efforts of classifying the whole enterprise?

What if you actually engaged the data owners in the classification design?
What if the system responded within minutes to classification policy changes?
What if you could RECLASSIFY the whole enterprise with one click?

This is what we’ve built.  This is a game changer for your compliance and governance program.


Full Enterprise Data Classification

ClassiDocs is a full enterprise unstructured Data Classification stack – providing a user friendly, simple architecture that capitalizes on all of your compute infrastructure to actually classify the whole enterprise.

the enterprise at will.


Why Classidocs?

User First Design – Rapid Adoption, Contribute to Classifications

Simple MSFT-based stack – you already have all components in house

Document Authors share classification enhancements & corrections

Massively scaled data at rest classification & REclassification


Automated Classification

Every Device Helps to Classify

Control every aspect – keep operations happy!

Change a classification – UPDATE EVERYTHING QUICKLY!

Creating a culture of security

When users are active participants in security, they become more accountable for the documents and data they create. That translates to organizations being more proactive and successful at enforcing data governance policies and preventing inadvertent disclosure or theft – while leveraging the TRUE experts on their data – users and authors themselves.

Why Choose ClassiDocs

At ClassiDocs we believe that classifying documents should be just as simple and seamless as swiping your badge at the door, ordering a coffee or checking your social media account. In this day and age, Document Classification is as important as locking the office doors at night or checking ID’s at the front gate.  That is why our system is automated, guided, and user-driven.  ClassiDocs is designed so there is no need for in house training. With an engaged workforce, classification becomes second nature, more reliable and most importantly – more accurate!

Know What
Is In What
Data Set

Not Just
Security Permissions

Sweat your Security Investment Assets More

ClassiDocs enables organizations to not just pass a checkbox audit, but to actually be confident in their attestations of data content.

Significantly, all of your surrounding security infrastructure (DRM, DLP, Proxy, Mail Gateways, IAM, IAG, etc.) will all work better – as they will be able to rely on more efficient and effective data classification assignments.

With ‘clean’ data classification being done – your distributed platforms can execute more quickly, more cleanly and more confidently as they trust proper downline classifications performed outside of their realm.

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