Deploy – FAST

Yeah, yeah..  We know you’ve heard it before.  Deploy fast!  Quick ROI!  Get rolling in minutes!

We really made it easy..  IIS Server and MS SQL Server – stuff you already have in house.  Nothing arduous or crazy.

The addins, distributed agents and shell enhancements – you can push those out in any fashion you choose (we give you installers – both GUI and text mode) and SCCM packages if thats how you work.

More importantly, you can control the whole infrastructure – how it performs, when it runs, how hard it runs, and how it runs – from one centralized, simple and easy to understand panel.  The best part?  The distributed end points read the configuration on every launch, and/or every five minutes!  Simple, light payload and most importantly – always executing the most recent policies you have put in place!

Depending on how your organization operates, this may allow you to do simple change control to update policies or operational settings, implement new classification attributes with ease – and most importantly – without ‘pushing’ a software patch or major payloads across the network – simple config changes that are read across the whole infrastructure – quick, simple and fast!

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