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You will receive a free of charge 90-day trial of the ClassiDocs Data Classification and Governance platform. We have several deployment options available:

- We host everything for you, you can demo the software on a remote console in our cloud. All data is private, and you can still install the agents and addons on premise (you will receive a private URL)
- In our hybrid mode, we host the backend (DB and Web App tiers) and you can point all clients to this setup. All functionality is enabled
- You can also choose to deploy 100% on your own premises/test servers - we will provide the full installation package, installation/configuration guides and a demo/use case walkthrough

In all cases, our support staff will be available to assist!

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After clicking send, I will receive the instructions for my demo I specified above as soon as it is provisioned. No sales person will call. For any assistance, return to our site for Livechat, or email to: