No Training… By Design


No Training… By Design | ClassiDocs Unstructured Data ClassificationRight out of the gate – our User-First design approach HAD TO include the concept that your users can adopt, utilize and engage with the product easily, simply and our goal – without user training.

No Training… By Design | ClassiDocs Unstructured Data Classification

Crazy, we know right?  we felt very strongly that for an organization to deploy something that a user was to engage with, it should be a simple, effective – any maybe pleasant? – experience.

So, we interviewed, studied and analyzed user behaviour.  We felt that if users could manage their way around Facebook or LinkedIn without training, or generally function in an ‘app world’ – why can’t they adopt a security product as simply and effectively?

As you will see, we took this really far.  In fact, delayed several releases (which were ‘done’ technically – but needed more UI work) in order to get this right.  We did it, so you don’t have to.  We feel that this is a product that you can place in front of a new user and have them interact with it – hopefully with little to no training.

We think its smart.  We think its effective.  And, we think its about time.